Almond Shaping Delight 200 ml

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Almond Shaping Delight 200 ml


A fresh massage gel that instantly melts into the skin, the Almond Shaping Delight helps to visibly refine and reshape the silhouette. An innovative complex including almond tree buds, rich in draining flavanoids and a plant based complex release existing fat cells throughout the entire body. The skin is firmed with a tightening almond extract and a silicium derivative that enhances the synthesis of collagen. A network of almond proteins tightens the surface of the skin, for newly sculpted and toned body contours.


Apply twice a day during at least 1 month, on the whole body (thighs, buttocks, stomach, waist and hips), massaging from the bottom to the top. If combined with Beautiful Shape: use in the evening (and Beautiful Shape in the morning).


Between February and March every year, the fields of Provence are filled with pink and white almond blossom. Well-known for its moisturising and softening properties, almond oil is perfect to pamper your body. Our Almond Collection, which offers a range of body moisturisers, skin firming treatments and indulgent shower and bath products, is made to guide you through those blossom-filled fields. Almond


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