Immortelle Divine Extract 30 ml

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Immortelle Divine Extract 30 ml


A divine serum, with the highest concentration of Immortelle and Myrtle essential oils, for instantly, visibly younger-looking skin.

The fresh and velvety serum:
- Smoothes wrinkles, has a visible firming effect.
- Plumps up the skin, visibly improves its texture and appearance.
- The complexion looks fresh, radiant and luminous again.

This divine formula combines:
-Organic Immortelle essential oils formulated with micro-capsule delivery system to stimulate microcirculation, collagen synthesis, and protect against free radicals,
-Organic Myrtle essential oils to stimulate the action of the longevity protein to visibly preserve the skin's youthful appearance,
-Hyaluronic acid for immediate plumping effect,
-Vitamin C derivative and parsley to reduce visible dark spots and improve skin's texture and appearance

Proven Results:
92% saw instantly plumped and more radiant skin.
96% saw improved skin texture.*
89% saw firmer skin.**
Consumer test on 72 women.
* After 7 days.
** After 4 weeks

Satisfaction tested on 72 women over 4 weeks :
-Instantly, skin is smoother (92%), plumped up (82%) and radiant (94%)
-In just 7 days, skin’s texture is visibly improved (96%)
-After 4 weeks, skin is firmer (89%) and skin slackening is reduced (85%)
Tolerance dermatologically tested. Non comedogenic.

Anti-wrinkle efficiency proven by clinical scoring.
Anti-Age spots effectiveness evaluated by clinical scoring on 31 women over 8 weeks :
•Reduction of the intensity of dark spots : -39%
24-Hour hydration proven by corneometry test.


Apply morning and evening to clean face and neck, before using the Divine Cream. Avoid the eye area. Discover our application technique specially developed for the Divine Extract on the box insert.


Immortelle is known as the everlasting flower: it never fades, even after it has been picked. Its organic essential oil is rich in active molecules with unique anti-aging properties. Over ten years ago, L’OCCITANE revealed and patented the exceptional anti-aging powers of Corsican immortelle – the only variety that contains an incredibly high concentration of active ingredients. Discover our Immortelle collections, offering complete anti-aging solutions for the face. Immortelle


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