Soft Wheat - Triticum vulgare

Triticum vulgare


An annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Poaceae family, soft wheat produces fruits in a spike at the top of its stem, the wheat grains. The first crops appeared in the 8th century BC in Mesopotamia and the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates (now Iraq).


An excellent restorative food, wheat grains once formed part of all kinds of remedies, in particular for gastroenteritis and convalescence from serious illnesses. It was also used in the form of herbal teas and poultices.


Wheat oil with nourishing and regenerative properties is extracted from the germ. We also use the aleurone, a peripheral layer of the wheat grain, which is very rich in minerals and the B group of vitamins, to strengthen the epidermis. The proteins are also beneficial since they have a conditioning effect on the hair.

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