My Favorite L'Occitane Product

"You all know very well how much I love the L'Occitane brand... Are you ready to learn why? Brand positioning and as well as its ingredients are very special for me. Meet my favorite L'Occitane product: Organic Shea Butter, and be ready to fall in love with your first touch :)"

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Beauty Tips
Cold Days

  • In cold weather, when you apply Organic Shea Butter to your body, it will cover you and protect from cold weather. You will love its effect and you can apply on your body, face,lips, elbows and foot heels.


  • During the pregnancy to have more smooth and elastic skin; you can use easily and comfortably Organic Shea Butter and Shea Fabulous Shower Oil. They are rich in Omega and Almond Oil and fight against the dryness and lost of elasticity and help to have more firm and elastic skin.