Common sage - Salvia officinalis

Salvia officinalis


Common sage is a sub-shrub of the Lamiaceae family whose leaves have a velvety feel, being coated with woolly hairs. The entire plant emits a powerful aromatic odour, with a hot, bitter flavour.


Its name, salva, means to save or to heal in Latin. The peoples of Antiquity considered sage as a panacea. A women’s plant, it is reputed to treat hormonal problems and painful deliveries. It is often cultivated in gardens to make condiments or simply for its beauty.


The leaves and flowers are distilled in water vapour. The essential oil obtained is rich in phenolic acids, giving it antiseptic properties. It is used in anti-ageing creams since it possesses softening, protective, anti-free radical properties. The essential oil also has a deodorising action.