Cotton - Gossypium



The cotton plant can reach a height of up to ten meters in the wild. However, when the plant is cultivated, its height is limited to 1-2 meters, so that picking the cotton is easier. Herbaceous or woody, the cotton plant grows in arid subtropical and tropical regions. It can live for approximately ten years in the wild (perennial cotton) but, when cultivated, it is usually grown as an annual plant.


For a long time, the cotton plant was considered to be the exotic equivalent of sheep's wool, a botanical lamb. It has been cultivated and harvested for over 4,000 years. It is not only used in textiles, cotton wool and bandages, but is also renowned for its nutritional value in food supplements, due to its high protein and oil content. With regard to etymology, the name cotton comes from the Arabic el kutn .


We chose to use an organic cotton extract, guaranteed free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and preservatives. This extract is used in products for sensitive skin and helps restore softness and suppleness.

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