Sweet almond tree - Prunus dulcis

Prunus dulcis


Belonging to the Rosaceae family, the sweet almond is a fruit tree whose flowers appear long before the leaves. Its fruit is pale green and velvety and contains a single seed, the almond. It is cultivated today in the Mediterranean countries and California.


Originating from Central Asia, the almond tree is one of the symbols of virginity, since its flowers appear well before its leaves. The almond is used in numerous culinary preparations, including the famous calissons of Provence.


The almond is a very rich source of raw materials for L’Occitane. Almond oil is extracted by pressure due to its emollient properties which limit water loss from the skin. Almond butter and milk also form part of the composition of nourishing products. The crushed shells serve as a natural exfoliant. And almond glycoproteins have firming and smoothing properties.


Since the 1930s, agriculture has become mechanised and new, more competitive almond producing countries have appeared on the market. The almond plantations in Provence have thus begun to disappear. In order to preserve this local tradition, the department of Alpes de Haute Provence, with the active participation of L’Occitane, created a support and replacement project for the almond trees of Provence. L’Occitane processes almonds from Provence supplied by the Sud Amande Cooperative in the Gard. A compound of almond proteins, silicium and essential oils, which improve lipolysis, has been patented.

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