Apple tree - Pyrus malus

Pyrus malus


The apple tree is a fruit tree of the Rosaceae family which comes from Asia Minor. It is cultivated worldwide for its fleshy fruit, the apple, which can be found in very many varieties. The apple of Provence, Golden Delicious, is green when harvested in September, then turning a golden yellow. It has a firm, juicy, sweet and slightly tangy flesh.


In Greek mythology, the apple represented immortality. In magic, it evoked love and apple blossom was used to make charms. In the olden days, cooked apple was used to heal wounds, and mixed with milk, formed part of a softening and firming beauty mask.


We use several organic Provence apple extracts. The aqueous extract, rich in polyphenols and AHA fruit acids, refines skin texture and protects the epidermal cells from free radicals. Apple vinegar is an efficient astringent for tightening the pores.