Atlas Cedar - Cedrus atlantica

Cedrus atlantica


Atlas Cedar is a tree native to the mountainous regions of Morocco and Algeria. It is a tree of noble appearance, looking much more majestic and imposing than other species of cedar, and can easily grow to a height of over 40 meters. It also has an incredible longevity: it can live for over a thousand years. The fruit of the Atlas cedar is an upright cone, 5 to 8 cm long and about 4 cm wide.


The Atlas Cedar is a symbol of immortality. In Ancient Egypt, Cedar essence was extracted and used in beauty products and fragrances. It was also mixed with cedar resin and used in preparations intended for embalming mummies. In magic rituals, Cedar is attributed with purifying and protective powers. Cedar smoke is known for being used in purification rites and to banish bad dreams.


Atlas Cedar essential oil energizes the body and strengthens natural defenses through its antiseptic and circulation-boosting action. It is used in our Cedar Eau de Parfum for its strong, woody scent. The oil is extracted from cedar trees in Morocco that are subject to selective cutting. This is part of a sustainable development approach approved by the Water and Forestry service.