Honey Mandarin Hand Cream 30 ml

Made with Shea butter to help nourish and soften the hands, this delicious cream discreetly diffuses the exquisite scent of an encounter between Corsican Honey and Mandarin Orange.
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On first contact, the sensation is one of fruity, effervescent notes of Mandarin Orange. But then it reveals intertwined hints of honey, evoking the festive season, Spun Sugar and Almond. At the heart of this scent, the character of Immortelle awakens the warm note of authentic beeswax, giving it almost caramelised undertones. Combined with balsamic facets of benzoin and almondy facets of Tonka Absolute, it reveals all the depths of its honeyed heart.
Apply to hands throughout the day as often as desired paying special attention to your knuckles and any especially dry areas.
Connected by their creativity and passion for natural ingredients, L’OCCITANE founder Oliver Baussan and French pâtissier Pierre Hermé – renowned for his inventive flavour combinations, have come together to create two new limited edition fragrances. Featuring original and unique combinations that evoke memories of the lands of the Mediterranean and Corsica, the island of beauty, these new collections will captivate and enchant… Pierre Hermé Paris