Busy schedules, even overworked, accumulated fatigue, stress… We experience many challenges every day that can really impact our well-being and our morale. This is why it is essential to reserve moments just for yourself, in order to refocus on your body and change your ideas. The SPA is therefore illustrated as the perfect place. Indeed, it combines relaxation, well-being and care ... However, this is a certain investment. And if you organize a SPA day directly at home? Discover the advice of our experts to recreate an atmosphere worthy of a SPA at home, as well as all the treatment techniques to relax you for a day at home.


Let's put your electronics aside, put a "relaxation" playlist in the background,
 opt for a dim light. Then, light a few scented candles to obtain a relaxing atmosphere and thus create your own bubble of serenity in your interior.

A touch of our Home Source Harmony Perfume with relaxing essential oilscypress, thyme and Ylang ylang will put you in the ideal conditions for recharging your batteries.


You will give yourself a few hours just for yourself , taking care of yourself should be your main concern. It is interesting to start with your hair , it is indeed the opportunity to leave an oil bath pose along your SPA ritual. Our Aromachology Intense Repairing Infused Oil which  this pre-shampoo, willl be perfect for works to intensely protect and repair hair, from roots to tips.

Wet your hair beforehand (preferably dirty), and apply a few drops in the palm of your hand. Heat the productin your hands and apply it on your lengths. You can go back to your scalp to nourish this particularly sensitive skin.

Finally, tie your hair in a small bun to lay the oil bath. You can also wrap them in a towel or charlotte to keep everything in place.


Now is the perfect time to exfoliate areas prone to blemishes and other irregularities. Apply a gentle, non-aggressive exfoliation like our Radiant Face Exfoliant , focusing on the forehead, nose and chin. Make small, delicate circular movements to deepen your pores .
This step will remove all the dead skin from your face which can significantly tarnish your complexion. It will also rid your T-zone of any black spots . Once rinsed, the skin is smoother and the complexion is radiant.
Since skin has been relatively stressed, it is time to give it a soothing care . Our Soothing Face Mask with a smooth yogurt texture will bring softness and comfort to your skin .
Apply a generous layer on your entire face using a dyed brush, do not hesitate to stretch the material on your neck (the latter is too often forgotten and yet also needs his little care!) . 

SPA ritual for your body

Prepare yourself a good relaxing bubble bath , which will bring you a real moment of well-being and relaxation. Make it a veritable sensory and aromatic paradise by adding a Aromachology Relaxing Shower Gel base , to which you will associate 5 drops of our Relaxing Essential Oil Cocktail.

Once you have taken the time to relax, you will scrub your body. In your bath - or shower - apply a dab of your favorite exfoliant to areas of your body such as the bust, arms, stomach, thighs.

Once finished, rinse your head with its oil bath and face mask and do your usual shampoo. Get out of your bath and dry yourself with a soft, clean towel.

Relax Yourself

Now that you are relaxed and clean like a dime, you're going to top it off with a self-massage of your face and body.

Using your favorite moisturizer, massage your face by stretching your skin outward . Smooth out potential areas prone to wrinkles using your fingertips and lightly pat your cheekbones. Discover the Face Yoga. 

On your body still slightly damp, apply our a rich body cream  while gently massaging your skin, zone by zone. Start with your legs, then your belly and finally your bust. Facilitate your blood circulation with small lateral, then circular movements. Appreciate the beauty of your body is important.

A sweet night

Your SPA day is coming to an end and to end in style, we advise you to prepare your night. Apply a Relaxing Pillow Mist on your cushions and prepare an  herbal tea.
Read a good book until you feel tired. It will then be time to go to sleep  ! Take the opportunity to take deep breaths and breathe out slowly to relax even more. This tip is great for falling asleep quickly .
Renew these little SPA tipsas soon as the opportunity arises: a moment alone at home, a rainy and cold Sunday, a winter day! All occasions are good to have fun.