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Shea Oyunu İndirimi Geçerli Ürünler


Three active ingredients, two textures for turning the clock back on skin damage. The new Immortelle Reset is applied before you sleep, with more than 3000 golden bubbles working for you overnight to reveal renewed skin in the morning.

Shea Butter Hand Cream

Enriched with 20 percent organic Shea Butter and blended with a yummy blend of honey, almond and coconut oil, this formula is tough on cracked, chapped hands without leaving any leftover oily traces.

Almond Shower Oil

You won't forget the first time you use our famous Almond Shower Oil! When the almond oil comes in contact with water it instantly blooms into a thick, luxurious foam that leaves a satin-soft sheen all over your body.

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Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream

The rolling fields of Provence and the creamy shea butter of Africa combine in this perfect solution for dry skin.

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Say hello to shiny, thick hair

Weather conditions and beauty hair rituals seriously damage your hair. Discover our range of hair care products made with natural ingredients to get rid of dry hair.

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