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Souffle de Liberte Perfumed Refill 100 ml

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A fresh and invigorating diffuser perfume blendling scent of mint, pine, rosemary, sweet orange and litsea cubeba.
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  • Reference: 11SD100SL19
Invigorating and refreshing essential oils of mint, pine, rosemary, sweet orange and litsea cubeba are blended together to create an atmosphere that promotes well-being and vitality.
Only use half of the bottle if the air in your home is dry because the diffusion will be slower and last longer. Determine the intensity of the fragrance according to your preferences.

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  • Lovely!

    It is a lovely aroma very fresh and delightful . Now where the diffuser is became my favourite room. I love it!

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      5 out of 5
    • Location Milton Keynes
    • Country / Region UNITED KINGDOM