Everlasting - Helichrysum italicum

Helichrysum italicum


A very aromatic, typically Mediterranean plant, everlasting belongs to the Asteraceae family. The entire plant is covered with a white, woolly down. Coated with leaves reduced to scales, this species gives rise to yellow flowers endowed with incredible longevity, which never fade even after having been picked.


In Greek mythology, Nausicaa, a Phaeacean princess, sheltered and treated Ulysses, stranded after the shipwreck of his ship, with everlasting essential oil. He thus regained his strength and beauty. Regularly mentioned in books on medicinal plants, the flowers were once used as a diuretic, vermifuge and against skin ailments.


The essential oil, obtained by carrier vapour distillation of the flowering summits, combats skin ageing naturally. It has an antiradical action which protects the cellular membranes and prevents them from ageing. It stimulates collagen production, thereby improving the firmness of the skin. Lastly, it increases the cutaneous microcirculation, boosting cell renewal. The flower water that is also a product of distillation is used in cleansing products as it is gentler and more refreshing.


The essential oil used by L’Occitane comes from Everlasting plants from Corsica, commonly called the Beauty Island due to its extraordinary landscape. Everlasting flowers are traditionally gathered by hand in the wild fields of Balagne. To satisfy our needs and preserve the natural resources, we have created the first plantation of Everlasting flowers in the world, bio-certified, near Aléria. L’Occitane is supplied with essential oil from a distillery in Balagne and has filed a patent for this oil with its unequalled anti-ageing properties.

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